Aims & Ethos

As the Headteacher of Harlington, I believe in a better tomorrow, and by working together we are able to fulfill this goal by;

  • Putting our students at the heart of everything we do
  • Inspiring our students to be aspirational and to achieve so they can be that BEST version of themselves and thrive in society
  • Enabling our students to be confident and positively contribute to society
  • Educating students to live by what they wish to achieve by holding standards high and expectations even higher

I am honored to be taking Harlington School through its next phase by building upon the strong foundations that already exist and widening the opportunities that we provide for students. I am proud to be part of our story that creates a better tomorrow.

By choosing Harlington School for your child, you are joining us on this mission and you agree to the support, development and expectations provided for your child and agree to uphold our values, ethos and standards.

To create this vision and enable every student in our care to be the BEST version of themselves I ask;

  • Every colleague to commit to this vision
  • Every student to commit to this vision
  • Every parent to commit to this vision

By committing to this journey we are connecting together. Together we are listening to each other, reflecting on our vision, learning from every interaction and believing in creating better.  We will create a story that will represent the world we want for our children.

Harlington Principles

At Harlington we believe in an aspirational and caring approach to education. We know that our students can flourish at school if they feel safe and happy. This belief underpins our school ethos and core values of Aspiration, Community and Diversity.


We nurture and facilitate each student on their aspirational journey to be the BEST version of themselves.


We respect, listen to, learn from, appreciate, connect and consider everyone’s opinions as part of our Harlington community.


We value everyone’s uniqueness and champion our diversity.

Preparation for life in Modern Britain

It is our duty as an educational establishment not only to support students in gaining the skills required to pass examinations, but also to develop them into well-rounded individuals who have the skills and adaptability to continue with further study and on into the world of work. It is our duty to help students develop their own beliefs based on making sound moral judgements and exposure to different viewpoints, religions and cultures to prepare them for life in a modern Britain. This is referred to as students’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC).

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SMSC and Preparation for Life in modern Britain at Harlington School

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