The Importance of Home Learning

Completing home learning is essential to supporting the progress which students make at school. It gives students the opportunity to prepare for future lessons, reinforce the content which has been learned in class or develop an extended piece of work.

We provide regular opportunities for students to complete ‘Prep’ home learning in order to enable us to explore their knowledge and understanding at greater depth within lessons. It is essential that students complete this ‘Prep work’ to the best of their ability to enable them to maximise their in-school learning time.

We ask that parents talk to their children about their homework and check their homework regularly. Homework Club runs Monday to Thursday from 3 – 4pm in C6.

‘The 3 Ps’

The aim of home learning is to foster the development of independent learning skills. Various types of tasks will be set, appropriate to the age and ability of students. Traditional homework of the ‘finish and complete’ nature will occasionally be set, but at Harlington we utilise ‘The 3 Ps’.

  • Practice tasks are set to consolidate learning. This allows students to master skills and deepen understanding of more complex concepts.
  • Preparation tasks are set to enable students to research a topic before it is taught in the classroom. This allows students to be more active in classroom discussions, as well as applying knowledge skills and understanding during lesson time.
  • Project tasks are designed to foster curiosity and encourage a prolonged exploration of a topic with a range of outcomes. This allows students to develop research and analytical skills.

Home Learning Completion

Students are expected to complete all assignments on time. Homework will be collected during lessons and checked, marked and feedback given.

Accessing homework tasks

All homework is set on “Teams”. Microsoft Office is our online platform which underpins our approach to both home and independent learning. Through Microsoft TEAMs, students receive home learning instructions; through Microsoft Outlook students can communicate with their teachers; and through Microsoft Sharepoint students can access the resources which correlate to the lessons delivered.

Students can access and login to Teams and the whole 365 suite here: www.office.com

They can access SharePoint here: https://hs365.sharepoint.com/