Sixth Form Subject Information

Our curriculum for Key Stage 5 reflects the broad range of interests and skills of our students. We cater mainly for Level 3 programmes of study but also offer a small range of Level 2 learning for those students who are not yet ready for the demands of Level 3 study. In general, students need to acquire 5 grades of 4 or better, including English and Mathematics in order to progress to Level 3 courses in the Sixth Form.

Students are expected to take a combination of A level and BTEC courses that are equivalent to three level three courses. Our most able students may pursue an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), alongside 3 Level 3 courses. The EPQ is excellent preparation for university study and higher-ranking institutions expect to see top applicants attaining a good EPQ grade.

Subject are grouped into 4 curriculum option blocks comprising up to 6 different subjects.

  • Maths and science subjects – many students choose to study Biology and Chemistry, or Maths and Physics or perhaps another combination as preparation for a science or engineering-based degree.
  • Humanities subjects – many students particularly excel in humanities-type subjects and may wish to study more than one humanity in KS5
  • Creative subjects – some students are particularly creative and may wish to study combinations of more than one creative subject
  • Vocational courses – students can study more than one vocational course.

Many students may wish to study a range of different types of course, particularly those who do not have a clear idea of a degree course of career that they would like to pursue. This keeps students’ knowledge broad and ensures that students are attractive to universities by having developed a range of knowledge and skills.

Full details of the courses available in the Sixth Form can be found by visiting our subject information pages here or by downloading our Course Information Booklet