About Us

Welcome to Harlington

Our Harlington Way

At Harlington we believe in an aspirational and caring approach to education. We know that our students can flourish at school if they feel safe and happy. This belief underpins our school ethos;

  • To nurture and facilitate each student on their aspirational journey to be the BEST version of themselves.
  • To value everyone’s uniqueness and champion our
  • To respect, listen to, learn from, appreciate, connect and consider everyone’s opinions as part of our Harlington

At the heart of all we do, there is one question we must always ask;

Are we supporting students to be the BEST version of themselves?

By asking this question continually, we are able to support every member of our community to be the BEST version of themselves and this mindset is reflected in all areas at Harlington.

We make no apology for setting the highest expectations for students. From uniform and behaviour to effort and outcomes – all are linked through our aspirational journey to connect as a community whilst recognizing everyone’s unique path.

In order for young people to reach their potential they need a well ordered, supportive and respectful professional environment. All members of the Harlington community are expected to listen, reflect, respond and connect to live by our principles.

Our growing and comprehensive pastoral provision provides a solid foundation for achievement and progress and fostering strong relationships is everyone’s responsibility as part of our Harlington Way. Every one of us can provide support to both students and parents and provide guidance on being able to manage, cope and succeed despite the challenges that we are presented with. Our trained professionals and extended team from external agencies help students to listen, reflect and grow.

This combination of high expectations and continual support allows our students to become the BEST version of themselves.