Key Dates

24th – 26th April 2023 FORMAL Exams Year 11 Art, Graphics, Textiles & Craft Practical Exams
24th – 28th April  MOCKS Year 12 Mocks
15th May – 27th June 2023 FORMAL Exams Summer 2023 Exams
17th August 2023 Results A Level / Level 3 Results
24th August 2023 Results GCSE / Level 2 Results

Examinations Office

If you have any queries or require further information please contact our Examinations Officer on exams@harlingtonschool.org or telephone 020 8569 1610 ext 175

Results Days 

Full details about Results Days will be published here.

Exam Centre

Harlington School is an approved exam centre governed by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), in order to conduct external examinations. Harlington School offers qualifications from the following Awarding Bodies;

Our Internal Appeals Policy can be found below.

Candidate Information

The guidance documents below are intended to help students understand JCQ regulations and exam expectations.

All students are expected to familiarise themselves with these regulations and by taking examinations at Harlington School agree to adhere to all JCQ and Awarding Body guidance.

Written Exams  

On Screen Tests  

Non Examination Assessments


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Privacy Notices 

JCQ Privacy Notice  

LRS Privacy Notice

Collection of Examination Certificates

Examination certificates are extremely important documents required by employers and education establishments, so it is vital that you collect your certificates at the earliest opportunity and keep them safe.

Students who take examinations in May/June will be able to collect their certificates in the December of that year. Students studying at Harlington School Sixth Form, will have their certificates distributed via their registration groups. Students who have left Harlington School, will need to contact the school to arrange collection of their certificates. Certificates must be collected in person and will not be issued to anyone else, even if they are a close family member or friend. Examination certificates will NOT be posted home.

Harlington School is only required to keep examination certificates for 12 months after which time, any unclaimed certificates may be destroyed.  Unclaimed and lost certificates can only be replaced by the issuing Awarding Body at a cost of £30 – £40 per certificate. This is a process that must be undertaken by the individual and cannot be arranged by the school.

If you are unable to collect your certificates in person, please contact the Examinations Officer by emailing exams@harlingtonschool.org to discuss.

Lost and Replacement Exam Certificates

Examination certificates are valuable documents and should always be kept safe. Sometimes however over time, they can become damaged or get misplaced.  If you require replacement examination certificates, always check with the school’s exams office in the first instance using the contact details below. The school holds a large number of unclaimed certificates.

please contact the Examinations Officer by emailing exams@harlingtonschool.org to discuss.

Telephone: 020 8569 1610 Ext 175

If the school does not hold your examination certificates, you will need to contact the Awarding Body, who issued the certificate originally. Unfortunately, this is a process that must be undertaken by the individual and cannot be arranged by the school. Some Awarding Bodies, will not issue a duplicate certificate but issue a ‘Certifying Statement of Results’ instead. A fee of between £30 – £40 per certificate will be charge by the Awarding Body for this process.

Applications for replacement certificates can be made online by visiting the relevant Awarding Body’s website as detailed below;

Assessment and Qualification Alliance (AQA)
Cambridge International Examinations
Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Exams (OCR)
Welsh Joint Examinations Committee (WJEC/Eduqas)

If you require further information or if your Awarding Body is not listed above, the following Government website provides additional information on obtaining replacement exam certificates