Post-16 Results 2023

Posted: 4th September 2023

Congratulations to all of our students in Year 13. At Harlington we have seen a dedication and perseverance through a difficult set of years and it has culminated in the successes of this year’s results. 

Despite media news and government updates highlighting a return to pre-Pandemic grades and a national picture of grades falling compared to last year, our students seemed to have bucked that trend for Harlington and produced some great results enabling them to move forward and succeed into University, Apprenticeships and the world of work and beyond. 

With a full return to pre-pandemic marking this year we all knew that predictions would be more difficult than before. However, the aspirations and belief of our staff and students has catapulted them to various successes. 

These have been unprecedented times over the last few years and our Year 13 have continued to aspire and move forward to be that best version of themselves. We are so proud of them all. These last few years has not been easy and having missed out on sitting GCSE exams in 2021 it meant for all of our cohort they would not have sat an exam since their Year 6 SATS back in 2016! All the more credit for their ability and courage to persevere and buck the trend to enable their next stage of their lives to keep moving forward. 

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